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Quilting Rules!

ALFONSINA URIBURU will be making her U.S. debut April – May 2017.

A BERNINA ambassador in Europe, Alfonsina has presented classes in Spain, France and Portugal on ALL brands of sewing machines.
She’s designed and developed her own line of unique quilting rulers and ruler feet, and uses these during her presentations.

She is available to present hands-on or lecture/demo classes (full or half-day) for novice quilters as well
as professional long arm quilters. Students will learn to make different designs with free motion quilting, combining it with ruler work and will create a sampler in little sandwich pieces of fabric.

As an alternative students can make a a Machine cover or work with the Bernina ruler work panel.

Prepared classes:

seminario de acolchado
What to quilt in a quilt (demo/lecture)

What people see when they look at your quilt? 

Types of quilting techniques. Customs quilts. Bewitching quilts?

What is the correct quilting density?

How to choose the right color thread without using monofilament or invisible threads.

Background fillers and how to deal with embroidery or appliqué in a block.

Where to find inspiration. Breaking negative spaces with rulers

In this lecture/demo I encourage people to send me photos of their quilts and suggest ideas or designs solutions directly. (Live drawing with my tablet)

Demo: Basics for ruler work and free motion quilting. Explanations of the 6 rulers kit and use for borders, blocks and decorative allover quilting.

*Intermediate to advanced quilters will be delighted by this class.

Acolchados que Enamoran
Quilting is a process (Demo/lecture)

How to get professional-like skills within a month (no magical solutions)

Optimize your machine and get the best tools for enhancing your quilting skills

Start from scratch. We exercise drawing on paper to get confidence and then at home start with a sampler.

The progressive code of quilting, from basic designs to beautiful and complex designs adding ruler work as registration lines (even feathers)

Using rulers to add structure to your quilt and decorative quilting for symmetry patterns. How to achieve ruler work with a domestic sewing machine solving common problems

*Beginners and intermediate quilters will love this class.

Clases de acolchado en el Centro Creativo de Bernina en Gerona
Get even further with your machine quilting.

¿Would you like to learn some easy and fun tricks for machine quilting?

Warning: This is not “another free motion quilting class”

Domestic machine quilting is about practice but also understanding of the fillers designs and their distribution in the space.

Skills featured:

How to use rulers for decorative quilting

Explore many design options with rulers for blocks, sashing and borders.

Easier stitch in the ditch, without turning your quilt around in your machine.

This class is based on techniques and not a specific project. I give “as you go” techniques for finishing a sampler design.

In this class we will focus on applying fillers designs and decorative quilting rulers as an allover pattern. Also featuring how to deal with tension problems or stitch length

*Beginner /intermediate quilters.

Bernina panel for ruler work

Since Rulers became more than a tool, designers such as Amanda Murphy discovered the possibilities of ruler work, and she has created a Panel to play around designs with rulers. Totally easy and fun way to explore new skills.

I have my own way to use the rulers on this beautiful panel for quilting with all the rulers and I can show you how easy and fun it can be.

After the 3 hours class you'll get this panel ready to use.

funda máquina de coser
Machine Cover (Hands on)

This is more than an excuse for using all the rulers and having fun with designs like curved crosshatching or waves design.

I explain how to optimize your machine for better results and free motion basics for allover quilting. The machine cover is to be finished and pieced at home with very easy instructions.

Material for a sandwich with a yard of solid fabric folded in a half and batting. (40” x 20”). Same color coordinated polyester thread. And all quilting supplies like gloves, supreme slider, and the ruler kit. A stubble pencil is needed for marking.

Beginners to advanced, all people have fun at this class.

Alfonsina will also tailor her classes to your needs.

Ruler and Ruler Feet classes are trending, and an acclaimed international personality fills seats!

Alfonsina’s ruler kits are in available for ALL machines!

Best of all, her kits are very competitively priced!

Alfonsina’s kits, marketed under the brand name “Quilting Colors” will be available from Brewer & Tacony

About ruler kits and ruler foot for classes