Lesson 1

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How to start quilting with you domestic sewing machine

How to choose the material and the sewing machine

Watch the video before it disappears!

Finish your quilts, put all your enthusiasm into your machine and discover how great you can do it!

In this quilting initiation class, you will get to know better your machine and your skills.

I will send you video lessons by email. You will need to revise your email box to open the lessons, as if you fail to visualize them, you won’t be able to finish the class.

This is what I prepared for you:

Lesson 1) Prepare your quilting room: possible mistakes when buying the sewing machine and how to avoid them.

Lesson 2) Start thinking as a quilter and practice the exercises

Lesson 3) Machine quilting for beginners

Lesson 4) Quilting the easier way: ideas and designs for your domestic sewing machine ​

Alfonsina Uriburu

I am a professional Quilter and Teacher. I offer my quilting techniques I have developed.

I help passionate quilters who need to finish their quilts on their domestic machine.